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Video Projection: Innovation

Obscura Digital is a pioneer in visual interactive and immersive experience generation. Their system of video projection creates an experience of unparalleled proportion and enhances user/consumer experience exponentially. I first came across this technology when they created the Cuelight interactive pool table at the SOHO Esquire House back in 2009. They seemed to incorporate similar technology to that found in those interactive floor displays at malls, so at the time while impressive, I was eager to see what this technology and, even more so, this vision could bring about. Two years and a few displays later, including work for the San Francisco symphony orchestra, Facebook, a holographic presentation for NASA, and a video mapping of the Guggenheim, Obscura Digital unveiled in my mind their finest work yet at the UAE National Day Celebration. Using 40 projectors they illuminate the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi in a way which must be seen to be understood and appreciated. 

In case you're lonely

Give it a few years, and this will be on your TV, Phone, and all over the web. Getting personal is the best way to connect with your audience, and with all your personal information out there [Facebook, Google+, social media in general] its only a matter of time before we figure out better ways to utilize this information. 

You need to watch this, because you probably dont understand this. I didn’t.